A Tour of Go Exercises: Equivalent Binary Trees

Categories: Code

For a new high-performance web project I’m working on, I decided to learn a new “low-level” language. After looking at Julia, Rust, and Go, I decided that for several reasons I would go with… Go. To get familiar with the idiom I’ve been reading through the docs and going through the excellent A Tour of … Read More

Adding field support to MS PowerPoint

Categories: Code, Useful Code

I’ve been working on a series of videos about an unpublished app of mine called FlipStream, and I wanted to easily insert some information about the current PowerPoint presentation on the first slide. Sadly, PowerPoint doesn’t have a generic field replacement function like Word does. So, either I type some stuff and have to remember … Read More

Manage your hosts file from the command line.

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When you’re a full-stack developer, you often find yourself mixing and matching destination hosts on your development system. Sometimes you need to run your development codebase against a test back-end server, sometimes you need to spoof the test back-end with your local code base. All of this switching back-and-forth can be tedious, so I wrote … Read More