Calculating the “interest” on technical debt.

Categories: Software Development

“Technical debt” is one of those terms that experienced developers throw around when people ask them to do something they don’t really want to do. To be fair, many times we don’t want to do something because experience has taught us that short-cuts taken today will cost us in the future. But how much will […]

Manage your hosts file from the command line.

Categories: Code, Useful Code

When you’re a full-stack developer, you often find yourself mixing and matching destination hosts on your development system. Sometimes you need to run your development codebase against a test back-end server, sometimes you need to spoof the test back-end with your local code base. All of this switching back-and-forth can be tedious, so I wrote […]

A beautiful gem of code from the Python docs.

Categories: Beautiful Code

So once again I found myself looking at the documentation for the Python re module, trying to remember the difference between matches and matching groups and I saw a code snippet that was so beautiful that I wanted to break it down and share it. It’s a fully-functional mini-language tokenizer in only 41 lines of […]