YAWP! (Yet Another Wordle Post)

Categories: Code, Fun Code

Unless you’ve been on a silent retreat, odds are you’ve heard about Wordle by now. I’ve only actually played it two or three times, but based on my Facebook feed I’m definitely in the minority. While it’s kind of fun as a game itself, for me the real game is figuring out how to get an edge. Since I heard about it, I was thinking that a list of 5-letter words with unique letters would make the game a lot easier to play. Being a programmer, I decided to write some code.

If you’re interested in how I generated this list, I shared it on GitHub under the MIT license. Knock yourself out! The basic methodology is: find 5 letter words, rank them by letter scarcity, then find combinations of those words that don’t share any letters in common. Here is what the program came up with, have fun owning Wordle with it:

bumpy, flick, grosz, waxed
mucky, phlox, dwarf, vibes
bulky, fjord, swamp, vixen
lucky, zombi, dwarf, spent
gluck, wimpy, fjord, shave
plumb, gawky, fjord, vixen
ubykh, clamp, fjord, swing
lumpy, brick, fangs, detox
quick, glyph, zambo, verst
jumps, gawky, zilch, bronx
clump, gawky, fjord, vixen
rugby, flick, whomp, saved
buxom, pawky, zilch, dregs
jumbo, pawky, zilch, dregs
funky, blimp, grosz, waxed
curvy, blimp, khoja, dents
quack, pigmy, fjord, welsh
bryum, flick, pshaw, dozen
bumps, gawky, zilch, fjord
grump, balky, choix, dents
pawky, crumb, fling, doves
gawky, frump, zilch, bonds
frump, balky, jingo, vetch
pigmy, vaduz, block, fresh
crumb, glyph, jinks, waxed
hulky, zombi, dwarf, spent
wimpy, vaduz, block, fresh
sulky, zombi, dwarf, vetch
crump, balky, jingo, thews
glyph, vaduz, brick, fomes
chump, balky, fjord, swing
dusky, blimp, grown, vache
plunk, bawdy, vizor, fetch
milky, vaduz, bronx, swept
burly, jacks, whomp, fixed
gumbo, flick, hyrax, spend
vaduz, bilgy, frock, swept
balky, dumps, vizor, wench
flunk, pyxis, zambo, vetch
bilgy, ducks, whomp, favet
lymph, quirk, jacob, dents
block, pyxis, faugh, trend
quirk, calyx, whomp, debts
klutz, pyxis, fjord, bhang
gulph, dicky, zambo, verst
dicky, glaux, whomp, verbs
blimp, ducks, gravy, foehn
coypu, flamb, jinks, hertz
lygus, brick, whomp, favet
calyx, squib, fjord, kempt
flaky, squib, whomp, trend
flock, pyxis, burgh, mazed
kabul, pyxis, fjord, wench
blowy, dumps, chink, graft
plomb, quark, vying, fetch
slump, brick, downy, favet
proxy, qualm, jinks, vetch
vosky, qualm, bring, fetch
valmy, squib, frock, depth
gulch, privy, zambo, dents
dumps, brick, zloty, waxen
quark, zombi, psych, veldt
privy, uzbek, fowls, match
spiky, mulch, fjord, twang
duchy, flamb, jinks, prove
brick, amply, judge, shown
krubi, amply, downs, vetch
uzbek, amply, fjord, whigs
skuld, zombi, gravy, wench
balmy, prick, judge, shown
mulch, bawdy, jinks, prove
jacks, mugil, bronx, typed
mugil, bawdy, frock, spent
burgh, skimp, fancy, velow
flamb, prick, young, thews
skimp, crazy, bough, veldt
spunk, zombi, gravy, cleft
kanzu, psych, fjord, bilge
zombi, shuck, gravy, delft
amply, shuck, fjord, vixen
palmy, shuck, fjord, vixen
vying, shuck, zambo, twerp
mogul, crazy, jinks, depth
kobus, crazy, fling, depth
rhumb, alkyd, jingo, swept
squab, rocky, fling, depth
jorum, psych, blink, waxed
psych, fugal, kimbo, trend
chunk, gravy, oxlip, debts
gravy, bunko, zilch, swept
fugal, nymph, bovid, wreck
nymph, frock, agjus, blitz
zapus, grimy, blown, ketch
virum, phlox, fancy, debts
choux, grimy, blank, swept
mucid, porgy, blank, thews
scrub, phlox, dinky, favet
busch, grimy, plonk, waxed
awful, smock, dingy, hertz
vrouw, dimly, spank, fetch
mushy, blink, fjord, aztec
zambo, hulks, crypt, fixed
zomba, hulks, crypt, fixed
squaw, dimly, bronx, ketch
dimly, bough, wrack, spent
godly, bunch, swamp, fixer
smock, badly, fungi, twerp
bunch, silky, fjord, empta
blink, cushy, fjord, empta
hulks, fjord, mangy, civet
cushy, fjord, vizla, kempt
bogus, wrack, vinyl, depth
fjord, numps, vizla, chewy
vouch, abysm, fling, twerp
crimp, duval, knows, hefty
mopsy, vizla, drunk, fetch
numps, vizla, grody, ketch
whack, fluid, bronx, egypt
duval, whomp, jinks, bercy
vagus, moldy, brink, fetch
punch, moldy, brisk, favet
fluid, whomp, jerky, angst
abysm, oxlip, drunk, vetch
pisum, blank, grody, vetch
drunk, bligh, swamp, covey
smack, bligh, turvy, dozen
bligh, cajun, rowdy, kempt
cajun, folks, pyrex, vwith
vinyl, chomp, drugs, tweak
fungi, chomp, darky, blest
folks, turvy, champ, wizen
sibyl, munch, vodka, twerp
turvy, jinks, champ, befog
munch, vakil, grody, swept
fichu, madly, bronx, swept
lucid, swamp, bronx, hefty
bonum, darky, filch, swept
forum, blank, whigs, typed
slurp, bovid, mangy, ketch
would, cramp, kings, hefty
young, swamp, blitz, dreck
clink, faugh, rowdy, temps
faugh, limbs, crypt, woven
swamp, bunco, jerky, glitz
limbs, truck, downy, phage
locks, mangy, preux, vwith
cloud, xyris, bhang, kempt
could, xyris, bhang, kempt
drugs, champ, blitz, enjoy
xyris, champ, blown, judge
fagus, vizor, lynch, kempt
tupik, lynch, grosz, waxed
brisk, lynch, judge, topaz
blitz, scamp, grody, khuen
begum, crypt, flank, shoji
crypt, lungs, khoja, fixed
maldu, bronx, whisk, egypt
prowl, fancy, thumb, sized
julep, grosz, fancy, vwith
pulex, grosz, fancy, vwith
flank, grosz, thumb, pyxie
grosz, fancy, thumb, pixel
fancy, growl, thumb, spike
jerky, scaup, blown, fight
dingy, thumb, slack, prove
dying, thumb, slack, prove
thumb, slack, rowdy, vixen
brawl, gusty, kopje, finch
chufa, blown, smirk, egypt
filch, quand, works, egypt
quand, glitz, works, chyme
gyral, butch, swink, moved
rowdy, butch, flags, vixen
wordy, butch, flags, vixen
dowry, butch, flags, vixen
vapid, fusty, clown, khmer
thump, fowls, bandy, xeric
hyrax, cling, stump, bowed
whisk, gourd, blanc, empty
hunks, zloty, dwarf, cimex
bandy, culex, works, fight
shrub, fleck, downy, vitam
brush, fleck, downy, vitam
dough, fleck, briny, stamp
culex, kings, dwarf, bothy
kaput, flown, birch, sedgy
fluke, downy, grips, batch
bound, tacky, grips, whelm
dwarf, solum, chink, egypt
pydna, fugit, rocks, whelm
laugh, swink, compt, derby
molva, bring, pesky, dutch
clown, fraud, pesky, bight
vatum, fishy, blond, wreck
pluck, bawdy, vizor
pudgy, block, warji
dumpy, block, warji
murky, phlox, cadiz
musky, phlox, cadiz
juicy, plomb, dwarf
pubic, flaky, grosz
flick, proxy, squab
ducks, blowy, parji
amuck, pyxis, fjord
glaux, vosky, crimp
black, pyxis, jorum
vogul, pyxis, wrack
pyxis, qualm, frock
imply, quark, befog
curly, skimp, banjo
qualm, privy, shock
filmy, quark, chops
squib, amply, frock
climb, quark, downy
husky, flamb, vizor
bosky, mulch, vapid
bylaw, quips, frock
quips, balmy, frock
adjuc, skimp, glory
bawdy, prick, mogul
barky, picul, downs
braky, picul, downs
prick, bushy, volga
picul, smoky, dwarf
caulk, zombi, pyrex
bushy, frock, vizla
shuck, gravy, oxlip
spick, mogul, darby
cupid, smoky, brawl
fumid, crazy, phlox
bijou, crazy, whelk
album, rocky, whigs
pursy, kimbo, clang
pyrus, kimbo, clang
syrup, kimbo, clang
crazy, bunko, dphil
rocky, fugal, whims
smoky, fugal, birch
gyrus, kimbo, waltz
choky, fugal, prism
alkyd, virum, chops
bunko, clamp, xyris
frock, zapus, dimly
kimbo, zapus, lynch
gaudy, phlox, jinks
butyl, smock, vapid
clamp, vrouw, dinky
porgy, busch, vizla
agjus, phlox, dinky
grimy, awful, kopje
pubis, godly, wrack
visum, phlox, wrack
build, smock, hyrax
locum, dinky, graph
phlox, squaw, dinky
khoum, badly, grips
culpa, fjord, whisk
yukon, zilch, swamp
bough, spicy, flank
junco, badly, frisk
zilch, bogus, darky
badly, scurf, miwok
spicy, fjord, blank
silky, fjord, punch
sliky, fjord, punch
scurf, miwok, haply
guild, jacob, pyrex
jacob, numps, glitz
miwok, duval, crypt
wrack, mopsy, fluid
group, vizla, becks
purim, whack, nobly
vizla, punch, grody
knurl, whomp, cadiz
moldy, ugric, spank
sylph, drunk, gamic
scrum, oxlip, bandy
whomp, squid, blank
luxor, abysm, chink
squid, chomp, blank
oxlip, drunk, washy
ugric, folks, bandy
blush, dinky, cramp
dinky, chomp, jural
chomp, sibyl, quand
picus, madly, bronx
plonk, turvy, cadiz
slick, turvy, banjo
jinks, croup, madly
vakil, bonum, crypt
croup, madly, whisk
madly, ficus, bronx
mopus, blank, ritzy
rumba, clink, showy
umbra, clink, showy
luzon, darky, whigs
ficus, blank, grody
mould, xyris, bhang
mousy, blank, chirp
plush, darky, jingo
pouch, blank, xyris
surly, bovid, champ
jural, bovid, pesky
blank, cough, xyris
lushy, bovid, cramp
punic, darky, blows
cough, darky, limbs
mulct, darky, vobis
darky, bunco, glitz
bovid, faugh, xylem
bunco, xyris, waltz
cramp, flush, dingy
flush, mangy, vizor
mangy, cloud, brisk
aprum, lynch, vobis
music, glory, baked
flask, vizor, begum
truck, pliny, dogma
champ, glory, funds
fauld, vizor, pesky
glory, tupik, banch
vizor, plank, begum
plank, focus, ritzy
focus, pliny, brahm
lynch, opium, dwarf
mucor, pliny, baked
pliny, squad, rhomb
xylem, squad, brink
lanky, opium, verbs
walks, opium, bercy
scamp, lying, burke
blows, crypt, quand
bowls, crypt, quand
churl, vodka, spiny
lying, squad, kopje
nobly, squad, chirp
opium, chalk, derby
squad, crypt, fling
lurch, vodka, spiny
judas, crypt, fling
vodka, begum, crypt
oakum, crypt, fling
stuck, grody, limax
cumin, grody, waltz
grody, mucin, waltz
lungs, jerky, cadiz
lyric, magus, kopje
magus, prowl, chink
mucin, prowl, shaky
slimy, bronx, chufa
slung, jerky, cadiz
bronx, julep, cadiz
limax, grosz, butch
chalk, grosz, windy
palki, grosz, thumb
fling, drums, khoja
growl, scaup, fixed
drums, blown, tacky
brink, scaup, zloty
scaup, dingy, rhomb
bayou, filch, jerks
cuban, glitz, rowdy
darby, pilus, gecko
pilus, rowdy, bhang
slack, turfy, jingo
ducal, frisk, phony
turfy, blown, cadiz
blown, saucy, grift
bolus, cadiz, pyrex
pylon, cursd, vwith
quail, rowdy, becks
saucy, glitz, kopje
glitz, cursd, foamy
cursd, haply, jingo
gusty, polka, birch
gutsy, polka, birch
haply, risqu, gecko
yuman, frisk, boxed
risqu, polka, chewy
judge, frisk, colza
juris, polka, chewy
frisk, butch, volga
butch, polka, windy
trump, cadiz, fowls
carum, fowls, pyxie
dipus, foamy, wreck
funds, polka, birch
fusil, hyrax, kopje
polka, fusty, bring
cadiz, fusty, kopje
polak, fusty, bring
prink, foamy, culex
foamy, lunch, grips
fusty, milch, brank
ghoul, windy, spark
lough, windy, spark
lunch, smirk, epoxy
milch, proud, snaky
palsy, gourd, chink
splay, gourd, chink
apium, fowls, bercy
fowls, hyrax, cubit
hilum, bandy, works
plays, gourd, chink
windy, flour, shack
clank, proud, fishy
cling, proud, shaky
flour, gamic, pesky
gamic, loups, derby
limbo, davus, pyrex
loups, magic, derby
lungi, khoja, pyrex
magic, proud, kyles
proud, whisk, blanc
pudor, whisk, blanc
colza, smirk, budge
smirk, zloty, budge
davus, zloty, bring
musca, zloty, bring
stump, volga, briny
sumac, zloty, bring
fidus, zloty, brank
gourd, bialy, speck
lousy, dwarf, chink
lucri, bandy, kopje
zloty, humid, brank
volga, humid, pyrex
bialy, dough, speck
flags, humid, pyrex
humid, fleck, borax
libya, dough, speck
lyram, dough, swink
musty, khoja, bring
mylar, dough, swink
khoja, culex, bring
fleck, bound, grips
kings, quoad, pyrex
flown, tacky, virus
tacky, jnuis, rhomb
yakut, crowd, sling
kursi, downy, blaze
plasm, downy, fugit
psalm, downy, fugit
downy, palms, fugit
palms, crowd, fugit
quoad, pyrex, swink
jnuis, kolam, pyrex
kolam, pyrex, fugit
works, cavil, budge
cavil, pyrex, modus
clary, fugit, kopje
crowd, quilt, shaky
gluon, pyrex, swazi
quilt, pyrex, shock
scowl, pyrex, fugit
pyrex, fugit, molva
virus, pydna, gecko
fugit, brank, emply
solum, brank, pyxie
brank, dphil, gouty
spark, cubit, gloze
swink, molva, budge
winks, molva, budge
scalp, bring, fumed
blanc, grips, fumed
bring, clasp, fumed
briny, clasp, fudge
clasp, gorki, fumed
cubit, wanly, kopje
gaily, pound, becks
grips, cloak, fumed
pound, scaly, vwith
shrug, cloak, pyxie
sprig, cloak, fumed
rushy, cloak, fixed
parji, bugle, shock
cloak, mundi, verbs
gorki, scaly, fumed
minsk, durga, epoxy
vobis, durga, emply
dphil, borax, cygne
durga, kopje, fishy
scaly, mundi, kopje
bugle, myoid, prank
bulge, myoid, prank
drily, kopje, quash
guard, kopje, fishy
logic, shaky, preux
mundi, kopje, crawl
myoid, blurt, spank
pilaf, rocks, budge
wanly, kopje, birch
kopje, birch, manly
borax, chink, emply
jingo, shaky, blurt
chink, blurt, dogma
shaky, blurt, covin
rocks, emply, qiang
birch, emply, found
blurt, shock, zayin
crawl, gouty, kinds
emply, jouir, shack
gouty, blind, marks
guyot, blind, marks
manly, jouir, becks
locus, prank, vwith
modus, prank, fitly
jouir, skald, chewy
shock, blind, vatum
ivory, quash, kempt
vigor, quash, kempt
virgo, quash, kempt
vocal, budge, fishy
blind, quash, compt
found, limpa, becks
fraud, choix, pesky
larum, choix, pesky
mural, choix, pesky
quash, idocy, kempt
rumal, choix, pesky
choix, prank, budge
prank, budge, fishy
skald, mufti, bryon
snick, vatum, world
galop, fishy, burke
haulm, idocy, jerks
budge, fishy, waltz
dyaus, rhomb, pixel
fishy, clang, preux
gadus, rhomb, pyxie
idocy, spurn, waltz
limpa, knows, query
mufti, knows, graph
rhomb, jaldi, pesky
urbis, alogy, kempt
jaldi, knows, preux
knows, chirp, gluey
alogy, prism, dutch
brows, clang, vieux
bryon, claws, vieux
byron, claws, vieux
clang, prism, jubeo
claws, mound, pyxie
prism, wound, blaze
prosy, waltz, vieux
spurn, waltz, cimex
wound, marks, pyxie
toucb, warji, pesky
sioux, waltz, bercy
warji, compt, gluey
marks, gluey, pinch
oryza, umbel, whigs
waltz, chirp, mound
chirp, gluey, banjo
mudra, whigs, epoxy
calms, preux, bingo
compt, gluey, frank
gluey, frank, chips
malus, pyxie, brown
mound, whigs, platy
umbel, whigs, frank
whigs, preux, blond
preux, snaky, child
frank, vieux, sloyd
spank, query, child
query, swazi, blond
spiny, burke, aglow
truly, swazi, gecko
vieux, snaky, world
pesky, blond, quira
snaky, furze, child
swazi, blond, mujer
zayin, crush, befog
blond, crisp, gamut
bruin, aglow, speck
burin, aglow, speck
candy, prius, befog
crisp, banjo, fudge
crush, lindy, befog
lindy, burke, chops
luyia, brown, speck
prius, banjo, whelk
puris, banjo, whelk
qiang, burke, sloyd
scrip, banjo, fudge
sigyn, burke, copal
sirup, banjo, whelk
banjo, pyxie, dutch
pyxie, aglow, churn
burke, aglow, chips
furze, aglow, chips
skirl, tubam, phony
aglow, chips, mujer
brown, chips, fudge
chips, tubam, world
quoin, shack, germy
tubam, prong, child
blunt, fakir, showy
lurid, shack, epoxy
oculi, graph, newsy
odium, shack, beryl
prong, shack, fitly
quira, sloyd, kempt
sloyd, wring, caput
wring, shack, plume
janus, ritzy, gecko
fakir, lusty, boxed
kafir, lusty, boxed
shack, ritzy, plume
ritzy, gloam, becks
bravo, child, spume
virga, lusty, boxed
graph, lusty, covin
harpy, novus, cimex
child, romps, quake
gloam, spitz, churn
loamy, fudge, spitz
lusty, brahm, covin
manul, porch, sixty
phony, fudge, claim
plume, showy, bavin
romps, fitly, bhang
world, spitz, bhang
novus, brahm, fitly
brahm, fitly, speck
fitly, porch, swank
porch, fudge, swank
showy, fudge, bavin
fudge, whims, copal
glume, spitz, crank
whims, copal, buyer
major, spitz, begun
spitz, churn, dogma
swank, built, epoxy
becks, paulo, vwith
bavin, rough, speck
pavis, churn, lofty
built, grasp, covey
churn, valid, epoxy
copal, swing, mujer
grasp, flume, covin
paulo, swing, bercy
rough, nizam, speck
sprag, flume, covin
spray, flume, bingo
swing, mujer, falco
unrip, dogma, kyles
wings, mujer, falco
mujer, valid, chops
rumex, valid, chops
crank, dusty, pixel
nizam, corps, glued
valid, bourn, speck
lucan, forms, vwith
bhang, corps, flume
bourn, claim, sedgy
claim, dusty, grown
corps, flume, kiang
dogma, pinch, buyer
dusty, pinch, favor
flume, physa, grown
forms, pinch, quake
maund, epoxy, whirl
munda, epoxy, whirl
physa, unrig, boxed
pinch, study, favor
pours, kiang, chewy
study, zoril, banch
unrig, epoxy, shawm
epoxy, gamut, drink
sixty, vapor, fumed
zoril, gamut, speck
vapor, slink, fumed
parvo, slink, fumed
vocis, gamut, whelk
chops, gamut, drink
grown, speck, maidu
gamut, njord, speck
risum, bland, pokey
scrim, afoul, egypt
wrong, speck, maidu
yours, kiang, belch
njord, speck, guilt
kiang, worms, dutch
ovary, pinus, whelk
afoul, drink, chewy
bingo, jecur, ladys
bland, worms, equip
bragi, speck, lofty
falco, pinus, germy
focal, pinus, germy
worms, caput, felix
pinus, lofty, wreck
sough, drink, platy
jecur, slink, abohm
ankus, lofty, cimex
drink, caput, bogey
kauri, lofty, bench
kusan, lofty, cimex
slink, caput, germy
snack, equip, lofty
speck, brawn, lofty
brawn, equip, lofty
caput, frown, sighd
equip, frown, ladys
finch, bursa, pokey
frown, tulip, chasm
lofty, bursa, winch
tulip, crabs, fogey
bonus, drawl, cimex
boric, fumed, pshaw
bursa, doily, kempt
crabs, doily, thunk
fours, vigna, whelk
fumed, vigna, crows
gouda, wreck, pithy
ladys, pique, crown
maidu, snowy, clerk
pique, sadly, crown
sadly, humor, vixen
using, favor, whelk
auxin, scold, germy
haiku, snowy, cleft
favor, guilt, chewy
vigna, humor, kyles
angry, scold, mieux
drawl, jubeo, thick
guilt, pshaw, crony
humor, badli, cygne
primo, washy, begun
pshaw, jubeo, trick
rangy, scold, mieux
snowy, vicar, duple
wharf, scold, mieux
crius, zonam, whelk
scold, quirt, peaky
wreck, zonam, putid
zonam, quirt, kyles
covin, washy, purge
mavis, crony, duple
vicar, pokey, stung
badli, crony, spume
crony, vault, sighd
crows, vault, fixed
parch, kinds, glout
quirt, washy, gecko
washy, putid, gecko
winch, vault, pokey
prahu, kinds, bogey
kinds, vault, bercy
saick, doubt, germy
vault, birds, pokey
chary, putid, befog
putid, boyar, whelk
birds, pokey, actum
dutch, pagri, kyles
morus, dylan, vwith
muros, dylan, vwith
pagri, doubt, kyles
pangs, doubt, cimex
pansy, doubt, cimex
pokey, gland, quits
scarp, omnib, glued
scrap, omnib, glued
boyar, minus, whelk
craps, omnib, glued
dylan, verum, bight
gland, verum, thick
omnib, platy, curve
platy, verum, owing
prawn, doubt, cimex
supra, cimex, bothy
unbar, gismo, whelk
urban, gismo, whelk
doubt, chaps, germy
parus, cimex, bothy
croak, minus, phyle
verum, banch, pitys
banch, pluto, germy
chaps, buyer, owing
dural, gismo, chewy
pasch, buyer, owing
pluto, scrag, fixed
scrag, multi, boxed
sugar, cimex, bothy
argus, cimex, bothy
bercy, gismo, thunk
buyer, gismo, patch
carys, glout, fixed
corgi, thunk, blaze
gismo, trunk, chewy
incur, shawm, bogey
minus, havoc, beryl
quits, crown, peaky
runic, shawm, bogey
saury, cimex, thong
surya, cimex, thong
larix, thunk, bogey
axiom, trunk, chewy
okapi, germy, shunt
trunk, plaid, bogey
crown, multi, peaky
fairy, glout, decks
fangs, multi, covey
glout, swarm, fixed
multi, scarf, bogey
swarm, thunk, bogey
actum, livor, sedgy
plaid, scour, hymen
scour, algid, kempt
cimex, thunk, fargo
mieux, scarf, bothy
thunk, livor, beamy
livor, shawm, begun
scarf, vwith, begun
shawm, curve, tying
spawn, germy, flout
algid, hocus, kempt
baric, flout, sedgy
bunas, germy, vwith
carib, flout, sedgy
daily, hocus, kempt
fraus, vwith, bogey
germy, hocus, batik
hocus, prima, newly
mourn, vwith, scald
pious, charm, newly
pubes, whirl, janty
whirl, csako, begun
csako, vwith, purge
curve, owing, blahs
vwith, scald, purge
havoc, grids, kempt
charm, owing, duple
owing, scald, umber
prima, flout, chewy
scald, quoth, vixen
tubal, grids, covey
flout, grids, peaky
grids, quoth, peaky
incus, abohm, reply
march, quint, bogey
priam, quoth, kyles
quoth, radix, kyles
radix, joust, whelk
salix, purge, bothy
turki, abohm, cygne
knarl, sighd, covey
trick, abohm, duple
giova, burst, whelk
vinca, purge, bothy
purge, dishy, jabot
sighd, unary, bloke
swirl, abohm, cygne
tumid, schwa, bogey
unary, bight, decks
bight, scram, duple
burst, hadji, gecko
dishy, cornu, blaze
quint, abohm, kyles
hadji, cornu, kyles
jihad, cornu, kyles
thick, sarum, bogey
abohm, virtu, kyles
schwa, muori, egypt
scram, begun, pithy
aping, umber, stock
basic, duple, forty
cornu, peaky, fight
focis, umber, janty
micro, peaky, stung
sarum, bogey, pitch
joust, peaky, grind
peaky, virtu, bonds
virtu, chasm, bogey
capri, begun, softy
chasm, begun, pivot
fargo, stick, duple
firma, begun, stock
foray, stick, begun
franc, bogey, split
furan, ohmic, kyles
gabon, stick, duple
pusan, ohmic, beryl
soapy, begun, witch
ohmic, agnus, beryl
stick, begun, whorl
agnus, broil, chewy
begun, drops, withy
bogey, lunda, shirk
broil, gansu, chewy
carob, duple, fight
cigar, duple, bothy
cobra, duple, fight
coign, duple, kraft
craig, duple, bothy
drops, gauze, bitch
duple, sambo, grift
gansu, whorl, fixed
gauri, kyles, botch
grind, sambo, whelk
lunda, gecko, pithy
nugas, whorl, fixed
sambo, dictu, whelk
sigma, whorl, punce
sling, bruce, topaz
unsay, whorl, fixed
whorl, dictu, beamy
dictu, kyles, ogham
pixel, arcus, bothy
gauze, pithy, bonds
gecko, blahs, turpi
kyles, fagin, thrum
blahs, curio, kempt
fagin, bruce, topsy
arcus, pithy, befog
bruce, pithy, zonal
brunt, waifs, covey
burnt, waifs, covey
curio, janty, whelk
glued, pithy, foram
pithy, sebum, zonal
sebum, janty, chord
spurt, befog, anvil
waifs, bothy, grume
janty, shirk, befog
shirk, nuova, egypt
nuova, jerks, fight
rival, befog, shunt
viral, befog, shunt
afric, bothy, spume
aspic, befog, thrum
befog, spica, thrum
cabin, rusty, whelk
mayor, whelk, finds
moray, whelk, finds
snafu, bothy, clerk
spica, bothy, grume
urnam, bothy, felix
bothy, jerks, dulia
clout, jerks, gamin
quart, whelk, bonds
rusty, whelk, gamin
jerks, fault, dhobi
jotun, whelk, dryas
junto, whelk, dryas
jurat, whelk, bonds
kraft, covey, winds
whelk, grift, bonds
covey, fault, winds
vogue, pitys, brand
vouge, pitys, brand
chewy, fault, bonds
fault, bonds, mercy
grift, human, boxed
human, pitys, boxed
ogham, pitys, clerk
bonds, grume, withy
dulia, mercy, shown
grume, pitys, zonal
mercy, thuja, finds
pitys, regum, zonal
regum, tipsy, zonal
tipsy, foram, dulce
felix, thuja, drony
thuja, boxed, rings
agony, bruit, decks
bruit, chyme, zonal
chyme, furst, zonal
dhobi, furst, cygne
fight, cebus, zonal
foram, cebus, wight
forma, cebus, wight
furst, gamin, boxed
gamin, cebus, forty
magni, cebus, forty
swami, boxed, grunt
cebus, zonal, wight
copra, finds, whelm
rudis, jabot, cygne
souci, beryl, twang
boxed, silva, thrum
stock, beryl, hundi
zonal, bitch, femur
silva, cygne, thrum
vials, cygne, thrum
pivot, beryl, manus
beryl, finds, phoca
bitch, drony, spume
cargo, finds, phyle
cygne, modal, turpi
drony, plash, imbeu
femur, phoca, winds
finds, phoca, ruble
manus, toxic, derby
modal, gifts, punce
phoca, gifts, ledum
plash, quito, derby
poach, gifts, ledum
quito, clerk, shady
quoit, clerk, shady
spume, toxic, hardy
squat, clerk, hyoid
sword, batik, phyle
thrum, gloze, panic
words, batik, phyle
taxus, clerk, hyoid
toxic, hardy, fumes
clerk, vasty, hundi
gloze, vasty, hundi
vasty, ledum, robin
gifts, hardy, bloke
hardy, spoil, tecum
hydra, spoil, tecum
multa, fixed, horsy
mutal, fixed, horsy
grunt, fixed, scopa
ledum, panic, forty
panic, fogey, strum
wight, valor, fumes
withy, valor, fumes
fixed, valor, stung
valor, might, dukes
bacon, strum, kylie
banco, strum, kylie
brand, fogey, pitch
chord, blaze, tying
fogey, libra, shunt
frond, might, blaze
scopa, might, derby
spoil, derby, jaunt
strum, blaze, hyoid
holus, derby, fianc
might, blaze, synod
winds, blaze, forty
blaze, forty, minds
bloke, turpi, shady
skoal, turpi, bench
topaz, derby, knish
muove, flash, tying
oevum, flash, tying
flash, turpi, combe
forty, imbeu, shawl
turpi, acold, hymen
acold, fumes, tying
aloud, tying, verbs
bouge, dryas, pitch
curia, synod, kempt
derby, wagon, pitch
dryas, imbeu, cloth
fumes, tying, larch
imbeu, synod, track
imbue, synod, track
laudo, tying, verbs
minds, kraut, phyle
synod, kraut, belch
topsy, dreck, anvil
tying, dreck, salvo
wagon, dreck, misty
loxia, dreck, stung
knish, dulce, tromp
knout, reply, midas
track, hundi, myope
dreck, anvil, stogy
lukes, among, pitch
anvil, myope, crust
among, dulce, swift
drown, misty, vague
dulce, magno, swift
fianc, myope, hurst
gnarl, misty, codex
hundi, myope, stack
magno, pitch, dukes
mango, pitch, dukes
myope, stung, braid
pitch, salvo, rudge
reply, stung, cobia
shady, tromp, bilge
stogy, hindu, bleak
stung, hyoid, bleak
cords, jaunt, phyle
datum, foils, nervy
hindu, salvo, kempt
hyoid, jaunt, verbs
scrod, jaunt, phyle
jaunt, mixed, horsy
junta, mixed, horsy
dinka, botch, flyer
salvo, fruit, bench
shawl, fiord, punce
amour, phyle, swift
bands, phyle, vomit
basil, tromp, nudge
botch, april, dukes
braid, phyle, gusto
carom, phyle, swift
cobia, phyle, turns
coram, phyle, swift
crust, phyle, azido
dabri, phyle, gusto
fiord, phyle, stack
foils, ducat, khmer
froid, phyle, stack
macro, phyle, swift
phyle, rabid, gusto
rabid, softy, punce
swift, capon, ruble
tromp, indus, glaze
shoji, ducat, flyer
azido, flyer, shunt
diazo, flyer, shunt
vomit, larch, dukes
capon, fruit, sedgy
mocha, fruit, sedgy
pilon, dukes, graft
april, softy, nudge
bigot, larch, dukes
fruit, ponca, sedgy
indus, larch, kempt
larch, nidus, kempt
nidus, beamy, croft
ponca, dukes, light
softy, divan, ruble
kalon, perdy, witch
stack, flyer, hound
divan, flyer, stomp
viand, flyer, stomp
ducat, flyer, sophi
amigo, flyer, shunt
atqui, flyer, downs
beamy, ligno, hurst
conga, flyer, sixth
embay, ligno, hurst
flyer, guano, witch
glans, perdy, witch
grand, kempt, chios
guano, perdy, witch
imago, perdy, shunt
labor, punce, dight
ligno, maybe, hurst
lingo, maybe, hurst
lobar, punce, dight
maybe, downs, light
perdy, slang, witch
phial, downs, tecum
punce, sward, light
randy, kempt, shogi
slang, kempt, doric
sward, kempt, chino
downs, party, belch
kempt, haydn, visor
yokel, chard, unfit
haydn, stomp, ruble
stomp, handy, ruble
combe, handy, flirt
handy, lisom, vertu
larus, witch, moved
lisom, typha, rudge
round, typha, bilge
ruble, typha, dingo
smilo, typha, rudge
typha, zocle, rings
urals, witch, moved
woman, belch, dirty
matzo, belch, rings
shark, zocle, unity
zocle, rapid, shunt
belch, grout, sandy
chard, joule, stink
clash, grout, biped
facon, whelp, dirty
filar, hound, egypt
flair, hound, egypt
frail, hound, egypt
grout, spial, bench
whelp, abord, unity
witch, joker, sandy
bleak, dingo, hurst
glove, aphid, turns
abord, unity, whelm
board, unity, whelm
broad, unity, whelm
dingo, pasty, fleur
dobra, unity, whelm
doing, pasty, fleur
gidar, youth, necks
gondi, pasty, fleur
graft, belus, chino
ought, sandy, prize
pasty, doric, whelm
ptyas, doric, whelm
sandy, tough, prize
tough, sizar, newly
youth, sizar, blend
drawn, stoup, chyle
stagy, doric, whelm
belus, croft, kahin
blues, croft, kahin
bract, misdo, newly
cards, unity, velow
croft, sedgy, lapin
doric, gamey, shunt
durio, batch, newly
furto, sedgy, lapin
misdo, wrapt, chyle
nodus, wrapt, chyle
parol, sedgy, unfit
polar, sedgy, unfit
sedgy, wrapt, chino
sound, wrapt, chyle
argol, biped, shunt
biped, gloar, shunt
lunar, jokes, dight
macon, verbs, light
sadhu, vixen, tyrol
sapid, gruel, month
ulnar, jokes, dight
vitam, gruel, shown
avunt, chyle, spiro
gavot, chyle, ruins
vaunt, chyle, spiro
verbs, unfit, loach
visor, chyle, bantu
unfit, velow, brash
daisy, gruel, month
gruel, dawns, picot
luger, dawns, picot
velow, ranks, dight
vowel, ranks, dight
chyle, tumor, dawns
tumor, dawns, helix
dawns, prize, mouth
horsy, waxed, tunic
leaky, borns, dight
ranks, bogle, width
alnus, egypt, choir
borns, cagey, filth
drupe, islam, thong
egypt, irula, shown
fleur, shank, picot
grado, ictus, whelm
ictus, whelm, dagon
islam, perdu, thong
lagos, perdu, think
lepus, mardi, thong
malis, perdu, thong
mardi, pulse, thong
mouth, rings, waxed
perdu, salmi, thong
prude, salmi, thong
pulse, yacht, robin
rings, whelm, about
salmi, decry, tongu
whelm, tongu, acrid
waxed, shiny, court
shank, vedic, tyrol
locke, shiny, marut
mazed, shiny, court
vedic, brash, tongu
final, decry, ghost
newly, brash, picot
shiny, rudge, pcoat
brash, tongu, impel
decry, tongu, shiva
gules, patch, robin
lords, patch, wizen
patch, rudge, bison
rudge, solfa, think
court, bedim, gnash
holds, ambit, quern
yacht, moved, ruins
xhosa, flirt, nudge
ambit, freud, shown
craft, bedim, shown
flirt, sudan, choke
fount, acrid, helps
nopal, bedim, hurst
picot, sudan, khmer
split, freud, jonah
stupa, bedim, horny
sudan, motif, hygre
acrid, fuels, thong
bedim, futon, sharp
dirca, fuels, thong
freud, optic, gnash
fuels, horny, capit
fusel, horny, capit
futon, imbed, sharp
horny, imbed, sputa
lemur, optic, gnash
midas, couth, nervy
optic, khmer, lands
topic, khmer, lands
couth, fixer, lands
touch, fixer, lands
khmer, tawny, idols
paved, filth, sworn
tawny, impel, hours
below, dirty, gnash
bowel, dirty, gnash
dirty, elbow, gnash
elbow, fandi, hurst
filth, pacem, sworn
logan, deify, hurst
sharp, deify, mount
carol, deify, shunt
claro, deify, shunt
coral, deify, shunt
dight, salmo, quern
salmo, quern, width
twirl, jonah, sedum
strix, loach, nudge
quern, loach, midst
cruel, jonah, midst
demur, loach, stink
drift, loach, nexus
lucre, jonah, midst
saudi, tyrol, bench
tyrol, kahin, sedum
ulcer, jonah, midst
nervy, match, idols
match, bowed, ruins
bagel, frons, width
belay, frons, width
frons, gabel, width
hours, amity, blend
robin, macht, dulse
spiro, macht, nudge
horus, amity, blend
droil, tamus, bench
nudge, sophi, trawl
invar, sedum, cloth
vanir, sedum, cloth
viper, count, lashd
shogi, crude, plant
crude, shown, vital
cured, shown, vital
flint, harms, decoy
golem, nicad, hurst
unfed, harms, bolti
harms, bolti, unwed
hygre, idols, antum
loupe, midst, ranch
gnash, clime, tudor
antum, redly, chios
clime, hangs, tudor